Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tencent Weibo upgraded their business account page to increase their corporate accounts.

Tencent Weibo upgraded their business account page "Wei Space(Micro Space)" yesterday.

In this upgrade, they focus intensifying management function such as tweet management, follower management, page management and so forth.

It can also understand the property of their follower such as age, sex, area, tweeted place, tweeted device and so forth.

And new version can use tweet reservation feature.

Corporate user can set the date, hour, minute and text for tweet as they like.

And its new version has enhanced the function that is related to other applications.

Corporate user can put their pictures and video on their page, and also can put some EC function apps on their page.

Sina Weibo also upgraded their corporate page three month ago, so in this year the battle of getting corporate user will be more briskly in Chinese Weibo industry...

Source => Tencent Weibo "Wei Space"