Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chinese monthly social media information sharing ranking: Sina Weibo gained the top position for the first time.

Jiathis who is providing the social distribution tools published the new monthly report as of May 2013.

                                        Share         Click Rate
#1  Sina Weibo           17.86%        26.84%

#2  Qzone                    16.51%        31.27%

#3  WeChat                 16.36%          0.02%

#4  Tencent Weibo       6.42%        11.31%

#5  Renren                     6.25%          1.98%


Sina Weibo gained the top position this month for the first time, but Qzone(It's the SNS that is provided by Tencent)  downgraded to the second place. WeChat gained the third position as same as last month, but its "click rate" is still very low.

It seems that the very low click rate of WeChat is caused to the property of themselves. Because the posts by official accounts and the posts in the "Moments" don't display the web URL as a link, and users cannot directly click it to access the web site.

So when we use WeChat as a marketing tool, we must not expect increasing the access on our website, we have to share the all of information only in the WeChat.

At this time, it can be said that Sina Weibo, Qzone and WeChat are the top 3 as the information sharing platform, but we have to continue watching the trend as ever.

Source => Jiathis