Friday, June 21, 2013

Many WeChat users are following official accounts for their hobby.

Last time, I introduced the report of "The behavior analysis of WeChat users" that was published by Sootoo Research, and I explained the part of the situation of utilization. And today, I would like to introduce the situation of official accounts on WeChat in that report.

1. Which type of official accounts do you follow?

Leisure and Life    36.12%

Corporate   16.74%

News and Media   26.48%

Famous person and star   42.29%

Other   12.78%

From this result, we can find that many WeChat users are following the official accounts for the purpose of their hobby. And this is proved again in the next question.

2. Why are you following the official accounts?

- For leisure and hobby   61.29%
- For getting the wisdom of living   41.49%
- For getting the current information   40.86%
- For study   29.03%
- For getting the current status of the corporate   25.81%
- Recommendation from friends   22.58%
- Other   11.83%

3. What was the opportunity that you started to follow the official accounts?

- Recommendation from friends   42.57%

- The information on Weibo   61.39%

- The information on official site   37.62%

- Other   15.35%

Actually, it's difficult to increase the followers only in WeChat itself. This result also proved that the promotion on the outside of WeChat (such as Weibo or official site) and word‐of‐mouth communication are very important for increasing their followers.

4. What timezone is convenient for your getting the information from official accounts?

We can't find the characteristic difference in this result, but it seems that the timezone of morning and after work are relatively welcomed.

Well, I think that the company who were starting marketing activity on WeChat is still more increasing. How about referring the this report in conjunction with the information of the next version of WeChat?

Source => Sootoo Research