Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sootoo Research said that over 60% users use WeChat everyday .

Sootoo Research published the report of "The behavior analysis of WeChat users", and so I would like to explain the part that is written about the situation of utilization at this time.

1. Have you ever used WeChat?

92.97% of respondents said "Yes". It's very high rate, but Sootoo is the company that provides the IT field news, so there may be a little bit bias in this answer. But on the other hand, it's true that WeChat users is rapidly increasing, and their user will reach 400 million people soon.

2. What is the reason that you started to use WeChat?

- That reason is that friends or colleagues have already used WeChat --- 71.34%
- That reason is that was interested in WeChat --- 47.42%
- That reason is that can send the voice or text by WeChat --- 34.05%
- That reason is that can use video call on WeChat --- 29.31%
- That reason is that can use group voice chat on WeChat --- 21.34%
- That reason is that use every time the products provided by Tencent --- 2.59%

In the last report that was written about "whole" social media, the answer of "Friends or colleague have already used it" was also the top reason. So it can be said that the one of the most important thing is the word‐of‐mouth marketing as I thought.

3. How often do you use WeChat?

- Many times in a day  36.23%

- One time in a day   27.17%

- One time in few days  21.24%

- One time in a week  15.36%

As a result, it follows that over 60% users use WeChat every day.

4. How many hours do you use WeChat at one time?

Less than 5 minutes  29%

6 to 15 minutes  34%

16 to 30 minutes  15%

More than 31 minutes  22%

5. Which feature do you usually use on WeChat?

- Voice Chat  93.51%
- Sending pictures  77.28%
- Watching pictures on Moments  61.66%
- Sending pictures to Moments   53.55%
- Checking the information from official accounts  22.52%
- PC version of  WeChat  7.91%

I think that this result proved that WeChat is the communication tools with friends or colleague regarding almost people at this moment.

This report also explained about the use reality of official accounts on WeChat, but I would like to explain about it at the next time.

Source => Sootoo Research

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