Thursday, August 9, 2012

Over 150 billion pictures were already registered on Qzone. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Qzone published an infographic that is written about pictures on their service.

On Qzone was already registered over 150 billion pictures.

Average 200 million pictures are registered on Qzone per a day, and 360 million pictures were registered at the maximum in a day. According to the Mashable article, on Facebook is registered about 300 million pictures per a day, so it can be said that there are not so much difference between them.

The ratio of male to female is 48% and 52%.

About the ratio of age, the range of 21 to 30 years old are the biggest ratio.

40% of user published their pictures to everyone, and 24% of users published their pictures to only them selves, and 23% of user set the QA to access those picture, and 13% of users published their pictures to only their friends.

53% of users registered their pictures from mobile, and 25% of users use the digital camera, and 22% of users use a single‐lens reflex camera.

But about the number of pictures per a user, the average of using digital camera user is the largest, it is 23.5 pictures per a user.

I reported before about "Tencent v.s. Facebook", as far as I can see it and this infographic, it still can be said that there is not so much difference between them :)

Source => TechWeb