Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The rate of iPad tablet user is six times more than Android tablet user in China.

UMENG, who provide mobile apps analytic tools, published the report that is written about Android and iOS active users status.

According this report,  in China, Android active user increased 87%, and iOS active user increased 42% in the second quarter.

And the ratio of mobile and tablet in each platform is as follows.

The ratio of iOS was 80.8% iPhone and 19.2% iPad, and the ratio of Android was 96.5 % mobile and 3.5% tablets. It also said that the ratio of iOS tablet is six times more than Android tablet.

Next is the ratio of each iPhone devices.

The ratio of iPhone 4S is gradually increasing, on the other hand the ratio of iPhone 4 is gradually decreasing. (But it still have over 50% share.)

Next is the ratio of each iPad devices.

The ratio of New iPad is rapidly growing, but the ratio of iPad 2(Wifi+3G) is totally 73.4%.

And next graph is the ratio transition of iOS version in the first half year.

iOS 5.1 was rapidly increasing, and it became the top share in the each version of iOS on April.

Next graph is the share of each Android device maker in the end of June.

#1  Samsung   23.8%
#2  HTC            18.5%
#3  Motolora    8.0%
#4  ZTE              7.4%
#5  Huawei        6.5%

The other  35.7%

Samsung is the top share in Android device makers, and they dominate a quarter of this market in China. But "the other" also have 35.7% share(mainly domestic device maker), so it also can be said  that this market is still the status of rival warlords.

And next graph is the ranking of each Android devices.

 #1 Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.11%
 #2 Motorola  Defy   3.12%
 #3 Xiaomi  M1    3.11%
 #4 HTC Incredible S   2.62%
 #5 Samsung Galaxy SII   2.60%
 #6 HTC Desire S   2.08%
 #7 ZTE  Blade U880   1.92%
 #8 ZTE  Blade V880   1.73%
 #9 Huawei  C8650   1.55%
 #10 HTC  Desire HD   1.35%

And the last graph is the ratio transition of each Android version in the first half year.

Basically Android 2.3 have around 70% share, and its rate of change is stable too. And Android 4.0 also started to increase gradually from May, but its share was still less than 10% in the end of June.

It looks like that China's mobile market still continue to be expanded with a focus on Android and iOS, but it also looks like that there are various changes.

Souce => UMENG