Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"The chronological table of Sina Weibo", the tracks of their 3 years.

Today is the third anniversary of Sina Weibo. They launched their service on Aug-28 2009, but let's look back over their 3 years tracks :

May   Sina CEO Charles Chao published the plan of their Weibo service on their event in Chengdu.

Aug-28    Sina Weibo started their service as a public beta.

Nov-2     The registered users of Sina Weibo exceeded 1,000,000 people.

Aug-28   Their first anniversary (The registered users exceeded 30,000,000 people ).

End of Oct   Their registered users exceeded 50,000,000 people.

Nov-25   They started to deliver community feature called "Weiqun".

Mar-2   They announced that their registered users already exceeded 100,000,000.

Apr-7   They changed their domain to "weibo.com".

May-13  They started to deliver certified users ("V") service.

Jul-21   They released special Android smartphone with HTC.

Jul-27   The follower of "Yao Chen" exceeded 10,000,000 people.

Jul-28   They started to deliver their light-blog "Qing".

Oct-21   They intensified the search service on their Weibo as "s.weibo.com".

Nov-3   They started to deliver the Weibo number called "Wei Hao".

Mar-1   Instagram start to support Sina Weibo.

Mar-1   It started that the search result from Sina Weibo was displayed on Baidu.

Apr   They started to deliver ads service on their platform to the public.

May-9   They started to deliver corporate page version 2.

May-16   They announced that their registered users become 324,000,000 people.

May-28   They published the new rules for users on their Weibo.

Jun-8   They formally started the revenue sharing model between game developers and Sina Weibo( the rate of 7 to 3).

The middle of Jun   They formally published their LBS platform to the public.

Source => TechWeb

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