Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tencent got more than 50% revenue from the online game business.

Tencent recently published their financial statement in the second quarter. According to the report, the revenue from online game business accounted for more 50% of the total.

Online Ads revenue (Blue)            879.7 million RMB (8.3%)
Online Game revenue (Yellow)  5564.7 million RMB (52.9%)
Community or Open Platform revenue(Green)  2221.9 million RMB (21.1%)
Mobile or Telecom value-added service(red)  929.0 million RMB (8.8%)
EC business revenue (Purple)  857.5 million RMB (8.1%)
Other revenue  74.4 million RMB (0.8%)

I reported before the comparison infographic of Tencent and Facebook, the most interesting thing is comparison of its revenue percentage. Because the recent revenue of Facebook was accounted for 84% from Ads on their service.

Recently Tencent has a bigger market capitalization than Facebook Inc, but I'm interested that which company have bigger chance in the future.

Source => Eguan