Monday, November 26, 2012

42.4% of iOS user jailbreak their devices in China. But on the newer device, the rate of jailbreak is decreasing.

According to the current report by Umeng, 42.4% of iOS user jailbreak their devices in China. Its breakdown is as follows.

The ratio of jailbreak:

iPhone 3GS  69.2%
iPhone 4       48.6%
iPad              48.3%
iPad(New)   37.0%
iPhone 4S    36.1%
iPad2 3G     32.4%
iPad2 Wifi  31.9%

The jailbreak rate of the newer devices is lesser than older one. This report said that there are two reasons of its result.

1. The difficulty of jailbreak become more difficult than before.
2. The motivation of jailbreak is lower than before.

Actually, Apple is enhancing to measures for jailbreak, there are no method to jailbreak some version of base band. Furthermore Apple already started to provide official app center in China too, and users can download more than 300,000 apps or games from there.

According to the news, China Telecom start to sell iPhone 5 on December 10th, and China Unicom also start to sell it in the end of December.

Let's keep attention how much iPhone 5's jailbreak rate will be.

Source => Umeng