Thursday, November 22, 2012

The ratio of 3G network mobile internet user is increasing in China, but its ratio was still less than 20% in the third quarter.

Baidu released "Chinese mobile internet trend report in the third quarter", but this report said that the ratio of 3G network mobile internet user is increasing in China, but its ratio was still 19.8% in the third quarter.

Next graph is a usage by each career.

China Mobile     56.6%

China Telecom  23.4%

China Unicom    20.0%

The market share of China Mobile is gradually decreasing, on the other hand China Telecom and China Unicom is gradually increasing their market share.

And in case of focusing iPhone and Android devices, these gap is more narrow as follows.

China Mobile    41.3%

China Telecom 32.0%

China Unicom   26.7%

And next graph is the market share by each mobile operating system.

Android              33.9%
S60                     13.4%
Feature phone  13.1%
iOS                       10.7%
MTK                       9.1%
S40                        3.2%
Windows              1.6%

Other                    5.1%

As I reported before, Android devices have 90.1% market share in Chinese smartphone market, but it also can be said that Android have 33.9% market share in mobile internet devices.

Next graph is a market share by each mobile device maker.

Nokia         16.8%
Samsung    12.1%
Apple          10.7%
Shanzhai      8.8%
HTC               5.8%
Huawei         4.7%
Lenovo          3.3%
ZTE                3.2%
Motorola      2.9%
Coolpad        2.3%
Sony              2.2%
LG                  2.0%

Nokia and Shanzhai is still decreasing their market share, but on the other hand Samsung, Apple, HTC and Lenovo is increasing their market share.

I reported the summery of this report, but you would like to check this full version, please visit here. (This report is written in Chinese.)

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