Monday, November 12, 2012

Alipay achieved the trade of 19.1 billion RMB in one day on "Single Day" sales. [Infographic]

In China, November 11 is a day called "光棍节(Singles Day)" for people who are living the single life. The largest online payment service "Alipay" achieved the trade of 19.1 billion RMB in one day on that day. Next infographic is the time series of this achievement.

0:10  Their transaction amount hit 250 million RMB.

0:37  Their transaction amount hit 1 billion RMB.

1:10  Their transaction amount hit 2 billion RMB.

2:19  Their transaction amount hit 3.37 billion RMB, and this number is total amount in the previous year.

8:16  Their transaction amount hit 5 billion RMB.

11:18  Their transaction amount hit 7.9 billion RMB, and this equal to the amount that  Cyber Monday recorded in the previous year.

13:38  Their transaction amount hit 10 billion RMB.

Total transaction amount was 19.1 billion in a day.

Other data:
1. Total amount is 19.1 billion RMB, and this breakdown is as follows:

Tmall     13.2 billion RMB
Taobao   5.9 billion RMB

2. Total UV was 213 million people.

3. Total number of orders was 105.8 billion times.