Friday, November 23, 2012

Registration user of Tencent Weibo exceeded 500 million people in the third quarter, and the daily average of active user was nearly 100 million people.

According to the financial statement of Tencent, the total registration user of Tencent Weibo was 507,000,000 people in the third quarter.

And their daily average of active user was 94,000,000 people at the same period.

Their  rival Sina Weibo announced their total registration user was 424,000,000 people, and its daily active user was 42,000,000 people in the third quarter. Hence it follows that Tencent have the lead 80 million people to Sina Weibo in the registration user, and have the lead over double score to them in the daily active user.

Tencent will provide the new function that can display the number of being read by each post soon.

It seems that this function will be similar to the facebook page, but a tencent staff said this function will become the one of index for the marketing.

Let's keep attention to their action as before.

情報元 => TechWeb, ChinaByte

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